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Holiday tips for separated parents

We receive multiple enquiries from separated parents regarding taking children abroad. It can be a stressful and overwhelming time.

We have therefore compiled a short list of top tips for holidays and travelling with minor children:

  1. Always get consent from the other parent!

It is extremely important for parents to remember that holidays are for the benefit of the children and therefore consent should not be withheld simply as a form of hostility towards the other parent.

2. Provide the other parent with copies of travel information.

This should include flight details, hotel booking and who is attending on the holiday. This will not only provide reassurance to the other parent but prevent any unnecessary Court applications.

3. Maintain indirect contact during the holiday or provide make-up contact when you return.

If the other parent is not availing of similar ‘holiday contact’, i.e not taking the children away, we would always advise to offer make-up contact if the other parents contact is impacted by the holiday. Indirect contact by way of video calls can also be an option during the holiday, particularly if the children are young.

If you have any concerns regarding an upcoming holiday, or struggling to retrieve the other parents consent for a passport, please contact our Family Law department on [email protected] or 02891811538.

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