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Distressed property and auctions

Worthingtons solicitors are skilled at dealing with the complexities of distressed property sales and purchases. Always bear in mind that a distressed property is likely to have a below market value and the issues affecting the property are unlikely to be fully known to the seller which in many cases is a financial institution following mortgage default of a borrower.

We have advised many borrowers, lenders, investors and potential purchasers. We have a deep understanding of the issues affecting individual, corporate and other investors / borrowers when buying or selling distressed property loans and other assets and we provide value by structuring these transactions with careful and creative attention, bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to get the best result for our clients.

We assist with distressed property asset, property litigation, bankruptcies, company reorganizations, equity and debt recapitalizations, acquisitions and dispositions. Our experience covers all aspects of residential, commercial and retail properties.

Clients benefit from our understanding of the thought processes of adverse parties and from our problem solving approach.


We have considerable experience of acting for purchasers who wish to buy at action. We are extremely familiar with the auction process, the types of contracts used and the pitfalls in the process. We can take you through the difficult issues and explain them in lay-mans terms.

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