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Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness and tinnitus claims arise from an employee being exposed to exceptionally loud noise whilst at work, as a result of employers failing to provide or enforce the use of adequate ear protection.  Our expert team of solicitors have extensive experience in pursing claims for noise induced hearing loss.

Whilst Health & Safety standards in the workplace may have improved over recent years, a large number of industrial hearing loss claims have arisen due to the fact that health and safety standards were not always met in the past.

Industrial deafness can have detrimental effects on everyday life and can make normal tasks challenging. Consequences of industrial deafness injuries include, struggling to hear the doorbell, television or telephone, social situations may now be difficult and future career prospects may be greatly limited.

We are currently instructed in a wide range of cases where employees have developed Noise Induced Hearing Loss after occupational noise exposure at sites including the following;

  • Factories;
  • Construction sites;
  • Shipyards;
  • The Police Service;
  • The Army, Navy and Air Force.

If you or a member of your family wish to investigate a potential claim for compensation arising from Industrial Deafness and/or tinnitus, we would be happy to assist.

All initial calls are free and entirely confidential.

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