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In the event that a loved one has become incapable of managing their financial affairs and does not have an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) in place a relative is required to apply to the court (Office Care and Protection) for a Controllership order.

How to apply

The relative (proposed controller) is required to complete an application form setting out the patient’s assets and liabilities to the court. It is extremely important to include a comprehensive list of all bank accounts, savings, investments and property owned by the Patient.

A medical certificate is required to confirm the patient’s incapacity and must be completed by a Doctor. You must send the medical certificate to the court together with the application papers. The proposed controller must also obtain a character reference.

With a Controllership the court takes a more active role in monitoring the financial affairs of the patient and the appointed Controller is accountable to the court once a year for all the income and expenditure on behalf of the patient.

We can assist you with the Controllership application and help guide you through the process making it as smooth as possible for all the family.

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