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Estate Planning

The most important part of estate planning is ensuring that a valid Will is in place in order for your estate to pass in line with your wishes. Everyone should do some basic estate planning, even if you have few assets.

In order to plan your estate it is important to value your assets and liabilities these include;

  • Your home;
  • Any other property;
  • Bank accounts;
  • Savings accounts;
  • Shares;
  • investments;
  • Business equity; and
  • Cars, jewellery and other personal possessions.
  • Any outstanding liabilities;
  • Mortgages;
  • Loans, credit cards and overdrafts;
  • Funeral expenses.

You should review your estate plan every few years as your circumstances can change you may marry or divorce, your beneficiaries may have died or remarried, or the person you chose to administer your estate may no longer be capable.

At Worthingtons we can prepare your Will and provide advice on estate planning and how best to benefit from tax allowances and exemptions.

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