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Stress at Work

As you will be aware your employer is under a number of statutory duties in respect of health and safety in the workplace, but they also owe a common law duty to their employees to take reasonable care of their health and safety in the workplace.

This includes ensuring they are not suffering from undue stress in the workplace by being placed under an excessive workload or by being bullied etc.

Should an employee suffer an identifiable physical or psychiatric injury which was caused by the employer breaching their duty of care, then a claim can be brought in the Court for personal injury.

It does not matter if the employee was also under stress outwith the workplace, as long as the events in work were a “material contribution”, and it was reasonably foreseeable that the events would lead to the employee suffering an injury. For example, the employee may have reported the events to their employer, or they may have submitted doctor’s note, and the employer failed to deal with the incident or make reasonable adjustments to remedy same.

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