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Inheritance Tax Advice

Planning and expert legal advice is essential to make sure your estate is inheritance tax (IHT) efficient as possible.

Inheritance tax could impact on your estate if the value of your estate is greater than the inheritance tax threshold (£325,000 this tax year).

We can advise you in all aspects of inheritance tax, including:

  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Trusts
  • Transferring tax-free allowances
  • Filing inheritance tax returns
  • Lifetime gifts and potentially exempt transfers (PETs)
  • Will drafting
  • Charity donations

Tax exemption and reliefs depend on each individual’s circumstances and the levels and bases of taxation are constantly changing. It is important to review you tax position every few years to ensure sure it’s up-to-date.

Contact Worthingtons Solicitors to take full advantage of the reliefs and exemptions and with careful planning you can maximise the inheritance you pass on to the next generation.

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