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Contract Disputes

At some point most businesses will experience a contractual dispute with a customer or supplier or other third party.

Whether pursuing or defending a breach of contract claim, we understand that such disputes can have a significant impact on the business, for instance in terms of cashflow or business development. It is therefore vital that businesses take immediate action to progress and resolve any such dispute.

We have extensive experience in acting for businesses, litigating , negotiating and resolving contract disputes in the most efficient and cost-effective way for our clients.

It may be that a dispute can be resolved outside of the formal court process by way of mediation, however we understand that in some circumstances litigation may be unavoidable.

Whether the facts giving rise to a breach of contract claim relate to bullocks or bore hole machinery, we will listen and record the history of the commercial relationship so that we understand your business, how the breach has arisen, and what steps should be taken.

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