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Asbestos Claims

We have a dedicated team of Solicitors with extensive experience in successfully resolving asbestos disease claims and securing compensation for victims and their families.

Historically, asbestos based products were commonly used in factories, shipyards and construction sites throughout Northern Ireland.   The legacy of this industrial heritage is sadly high instances of asbestos related disease which shows no signs of abating.

Asbestos claims usually arise from one of two circumstances. The first is primary exposure to asbestos. This means you personally used and handled asbestos and inhaled asbestos fibres directly in the workplace or, alternatively, whilst not handling asbestos directly, you worked around others who were.

You may have also been exposed to asbestos fibres through what is known as secondary exposure. This means that whilst you may have not handled asbestos directly in the workplace, you commonly interacted with someone who did.  This could include a partner or family member of an industrial worker exposed to asbestos, with responsibility for cleaning overalls and tools covered in asbestos.

Symptoms may not develop until 20-30 years after the exposure occurred.

Asbestos diseases include may include;

  • Mesothelioma;
  • Asbestosis;
  • Pleural thickening;
  • Pleural plaques.

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