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10 July 2019 Anyone buying a house is familiar with the principle of caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, which is the rationale behind the obtaining of surveys to check the condition of the property. The same... READ

Can a Contract Audit Save your Business Money?

26 June 2019 In an uncertain market, businesses may wish to conduct an audit of all contracts to identify areas for potential savings. This may also identify contracts which are no longer commercially viable. In addition, if... READ

Charity Law Update in Northern Ireland

06 June 2019 Charity trustees in Northern Ireland are volunteers, placed in a special position of trust. Every charity trustee needs to be aware that they are the people individually and collectively responsible for the charity and... READ

The growth of franchising

25 February 2019 Despite the uncertainty of Brexit and continuing economic pressures, franchising in Northern Ireland continues to expand. Irish fast food chain Four Star Pizza has confirmed plans that it is to open 10 more stores... READ

Travel time is “working time”

04 January 2016 Maxine Orr, Partner, considers whether travel to and from a place of work or between places of work should be considered working time Travel time is “working time” The Working Time Directive defines “working... READ

The Imperfect Gift!

19 July 2013 Where properties are transferred at less than their market value the Official Receiver in bankruptcy can and will step in to recover property. A recent case in the Belfast High Court highlighted the risks... READ

Defamation: The Grapevine Effect

13 June 2013 Celia Worthington of Worthingtons Solicitors comments on recent cases which clarify what factors the courts will consider in assessing damages for defamatory statements. The Court of Appeal in England recently considered the matter of... READ

Planning law for the people in Northern Ireland

22 March 2013 Brian Moss of Worthingtons Solicitors Belfast discusses options available to those objecting to proposed developments. Anyone who has become engaged in the planning process will realise that it is not for the faint hearted.... READ

The Life of Pye!

14 May 2012 Celia Worthington discusses the case of Pye (Oxford) v Graham which held the law of adverse possession contravenes a land owners right to peaceful enjoyment of his possessions. Most of us are familiar with... READ

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