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Returning to work during Covid-19: Key Questions and Answers for Employers

22 May 2020 Should my employee be on furlough or SSP?  What if they are entitled to enhanced sick leave? Whether an employee should be on furlough or SSP is likely to depend on whether their sickness... READ

Absence Management & Disability Related Absence

28 February 2020 In a decision issued earlier this year, the Industrial Tribunal confirmed that an employer fairly dismissed an employee for persistent intermittent absence under an absence management process that did not take account of the... READ

Migraine and reasonable adjustments

14 February 2020 The Migraine Trust confirms that “‘Migraine’ is a complex condition with a wide variety of symptoms. For many people the main feature is a painful headache. Other symptoms include disturbed vision, sensitivity to light, sound... READ

Holiday pay: Are Bonus Payments Included?

17 January 2020 Caselaw in relation to the calculation of holiday pay under the Working Time Directive continues to present challenges for employers as the concept of ‘normal remuneration’ develops on a case by case basis.  Based... READ

SEMINAR: Proactive Steps to Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

13 January 2020 Worthingtons Solicitors, in conjunction with TrainTogether, the workplace training division of HeadsTogether Consulting Ltd, are collaborating to provide an inclusive, interactive and informative seminar on mental health in the workplace. About the seminar Could... READ

The Office Christmas Party: Festive Fun or HR Hangover?

10 December 2019 The office Christmas party is often a highlight of many employee’s social calendars and provides staff with a great opportunity to let their hair down. However, what happens when somebody at the party goes... READ

Employment Contracts – the importance of post-termination restrictive covenants

14 November 2019 Departing employees are often well-placed to take advantage of confidential information, strategic plans, customer and client details or other information about their employer’s business, after the termination of their employment. They may attempt to... READ

Legal Island Annual Review of Employment Law

25 October 2019 One of our partners, Louise McAloon is delighted to be speaking at this year’s Legal Island Annual Review of Employment Law, where she will present some interesting cases in the ‘Northern Ireland Case Review... READ

Matters get hairy for the PSNI.

21 October 2019 Worthingtons Solicitors represented the claimant, Mr Gordon Downey, against the Police Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) in relation to the successful pursuit of a sex discrimination complaint, the decision of... READ

Employing migrant workers after Brexit and will Northern Ireland be like Liechtenstein or Iceland?

16 October 2019 If you are in business, there may be many reasons why you would seek to, or even need to, employ a person from overseas, particularly in the globalised economy in which we all now... READ
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