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Landlords, Tenants and Notices to Quit: Where to Start?

15 August 2023 There can be many reasons why a landlord may wish to serve their tenant with a Notice to Quit but both landlord and tenant need to be aware of the appropriate timeframes that apply... READ

New Register of Overseas Entities “going live” at Companies House on 1 August 2022

03 August 2022 Created on foot of the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 this new Register aims to assist in prevention and detection of economic crimes.  The Register will be held by Companies House and... READ

Tenants beware! The trials and tribulations of exercising a break clause

30 May 2022 Break clauses are commonplace in commercial leases and afford the tenant an opportunity to bring the lease to an end earlier than the last day of the full term of the lease. This can... READ

The draft Building Safety Bill and its implications for Northern Ireland

14 July 2021 Whilst developers of residential buildings in 2021 are basking in the sunshine of increased residential sales arising out of the stamp duty holiday, many are also nursing a hangover from lockdown construction delays, costs... READ

COVID-19 pandemic raising thorny issues in commercial property transactions

21 October 2020 If you are involved in any aspect of the commercial property industry it is unlikely that you have so far managed to avoid having to grapple with the numerous practical issues that lockdowns, staff... READ

Keeping your planning permission alive

30 April 2020 A developer, even of a small project like an extension to a property, has five years from the grant of planning permission to commence either the operational development or the material change of use.... READ

Act introduces protection for business tenants

21 April 2020 The Coronavirus Act 2020 has introduced protections for business tenants in Northern Ireland who are struggling to cover rent charges on their commercial leases due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The lockdown introduced by government... READ

A Sign of the Times!

04 December 2019 A tenant of commercial premises will normally expect to display signs at or near his premises indicating the name and nature of his business and any promotional events.  In the unusual event that the... READ

Break options in leases – avoid ‘breaking bad’ by ensuring they are properly drafted.

24 October 2019 A break clause in a commercial lease allows either a Tenant or a Landlord to terminate a lease early i.e.. before expiry of the Term. Whilst tenant-only break clauses are more common in commercial... READ

Drink up! The current state of liquor licensing laws for Northern Ireland.

18 September 2019 There are thousands of Irish Pubs across the world from ‘The Dublin’ in Ushuaia, Argentina to Tir Na Nog in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia with many Irish tourists seeking refuge from local beers with an... READ
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