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Roadside tips for a Road Traffic Collision

24 August 2023 Being in a road traffic collision is something that we all hope to avoid, but unfortunately accidents do happen.  According to the PSNI’s Annual Report 2022/23 on Police Recorded Injury Road Traffic Collisions and... READ

Landlords, Tenants and Notices to Quit: Where to Start?

15 August 2023 There can be many reasons why a landlord may wish to serve their tenant with a Notice to Quit but both landlord and tenant need to be aware of the appropriate timeframes that apply... READ

A dangerous legacy

19 April 2023 Even though the use of asbestos was banned in 2000, its use in the construction industry in the preceding decades has left a dangerous legacy. Throughout the UK there are many buildings in all sectors... READ

Employing migrant workers

12 January 2023 More and more businesses now need to look outside of the UK and Ireland to find the talent that they require. If you need to employ a migrant worker, you will first need to... READ

Mesothelioma – The Grim Statistics

15 December 2022 It can be difficult to maintain interest in a topic such as Industrial Disease which, by its inherent nature, can touch on matters of life and death.  For the time being at least, the... READ

10 top tips if you have an accident at work

21 July 2022 Suffering an injury at work is something that we all wish will never happen to us, but unfortunately not every accident can be prevented. According to the Health and Safety Executive’s recently released figures... READ

Asbestos claims

06 July 2022 Worthingtons Solicitors have a dedicated team of Solicitors with extensive experience in successfully resolving asbestos related disease claims and securing compensation for victims and their families. Historically, asbestos based products were commonly used in... READ

Coronavirus: The failure to test patients being discharged from hospitals to care homes found “unlawful” by the English High Court

18 May 2022 In April 2022, the High Court in England found that the UK Government policies on discharging untested patients from hospitals to care homes in England at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic was unlawful.... READ

Protection from harassment – all you need to know about Civil Injunctions

30 March 2022 According to the PSNI’s most recent recorded crime by offence statistics published in May 2021, in 2020/2021 there were 11,359 reported harassment incidents in Northern Ireland. This figure is steadily increasing year on year.... READ

Protecting your business from unwanted auto-renewal contracts

03 February 2022 In March 2021, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an investigation into a number of anti-virus software companies and auto-renewing contracts. One of these companies was Norton which was identified as a culprit... READ
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