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Public Services Ombudsman Complaints on the rise.

14 August 2019 It may or may not come as a surprise to learn that a report released on 11th July 2019 revealed that complaints to the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman increased by 15% in the... READ

Dispelling the myths surrounding what happens when a relationship breaks down.

07 August 2019 Having provided advice and representation in this area of law for many years, we are aware that frequently there can be confusion and misunderstanding about the legal process when a relationship breaks down.  Here... READ

Charity partner of the year

06 August 2019 This year we are delighted to announce that the Extern Group is our charity of the year. Founded in Northern Ireland in 1978, Extern has grown to become a leading provider of mental health... READ

The changing world of retail leases.

31 July 2019 You could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all gloom and doom on the high street and the list of retailer casualties in the last year or so is certainly long and getting longer.... READ

Covert recordings in the workplace.

24 July 2019 In a recent decision handed down by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in England on 5th July, the court provided helpful guidance in relation to employees who seek to record meetings in the workplace. Given... READ


10 July 2019 Anyone buying a house is familiar with the principle of caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, which is the rationale behind the obtaining of surveys to check the condition of the property. The same... READ

Equal Pay: Advice for Employers

05 July 2019 The topic of equal pay was back under the spotlight recently when headlines carried the story of a Belfast solicitor being awarded over £270,000 after the Industrial Tribunal found she had not been paid... READ

Can a Contract Audit Save your Business Money?

26 June 2019 In an uncertain market, businesses may wish to conduct an audit of all contracts to identify areas for potential savings. This may also identify contracts which are no longer commercially viable. In addition, if... READ

Early conciliation set to extend Tribunal time limits.

20 June 2019 Regardless of the absence of the local Assembly, mandatory early conciliation, a service already offered in England, Scotland and Wales, is likely to hit Northern Ireland shores in January 2020. The objective of early... READ

Charity Law Update in Northern Ireland

06 June 2019 Charity trustees in Northern Ireland are volunteers, placed in a special position of trust. Every charity trustee needs to be aware that they are the people individually and collectively responsible for the charity and... READ
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