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Occupational Asthma – more than a mere irritant

16 June 2021 One overlooked Industrial Disease is Occupational Asthma, generally noted as a disease which develops after exposure to and as a direct result of, amongst other things, gases, fumes and dust and other substances within... READ

Do I need an Enduring Power of Attorney?

11 June 2021 Yes, you do, if you want to choose the person who will deal with your property and affairs on your behalf, if you become no longer mentally capable of dealing with them yourself. You... READ

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Shareholders’ Agreement

07 June 2021 What is a shareholders’ agreement? A shareholders’ agreement is a contract between shareholders that regulates the relationship between them and forms the basis under which the company should be run. A shareholders’ agreement differs... READ

Separation and Divorce: How to Prioritise Your Child’s Mental Health

02 June 2021 Clare Curran, Family Law Partner at Worthingtons Solicitors looks at how best to prioritise the mental wellbeing of children involved in a relationship breakdown. There is a huge focus currently on looking after our... READ

Annual leave calculations upon termination of employment

28 April 2021 Is an employee or worker entitled to a payment in lieu of annual leave upon termination, if they previously took unpaid leave as they were mistakenly treated as a self-employed independent contractor and did... READ

No jab – no job? Will the Covid-19 vaccine become an ‘Essential Criterion’ for new recruits?

26 February 2021 A large London based plumbing company recently announced its intention to make vaccine compliance part of its recruitment process. The owner defended the position by stating that he is just getting ahead of the... READ

Domestic Abuse Bill 2021; A new voice for victims

11 February 2021 Tiernan Oliver, solicitor in our family law department, examines the new legislation introduced to give further protections to victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence in Northern Ireland has become an increasingly worrying issue in... READ

Public inquiry into urology care within Southern Health and Social Care Trust announced

18 December 2020 In October 2020 the Minister of Health, Robin Swann confirmed in a statement to the assembly that a Department of Health review had commenced into treatment provided by Aidan O’Brien, Consultant Urologist who retired... READ

Covid-19 vaccine: Key Q&As for Employers

17 December 2020 This week in Northern Ireland, we witnessed members of the public receive the long-awaited Covid-19 vaccine. It is hoped that by the end of 2021 the vaccine should be available to everyone, albeit how... READ

Divorce in a Covid Climate

11 December 2020 Sarah Elliott, Solicitor specialising in Family Law, considers how challenges to financial settlements in these uncertain times might be viewed by the Courts. Issues surrounding financial settlements are on the increase given concerns surrounding... READ
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