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Surrogacy in Northern Ireland

15 October 2021 For many individuals having their own family means everything. Sadly for some the path to achieve this dream is a challenging one. For couples or individuals seeking to become a parent Surrogacy can often... READ

Shareholder Remedies – A Guide to Your Rights

23 September 2021 There are two main organs of a company; the directors who make the day to day decisions, and the shareholders who vote in general meetings and have overall ownership of the company. The company... READ

Worthingtons raised vital funds for charity amid Covid-19 crisis

13 September 2021 Despite the impact of a global pandemic, our solicitors in the Newtownards office managed to give up some of their time in November last year to take part in Will Aid, an annual charity... READ

Cryptocurrency – a cryptic legal landscape

28 July 2021 Background Cryptocurrency is essentially virtual money in a digital currency. It can be used as a bank free method of transferring and obtaining wealth. It is stored in a digital wallet. Instead of relying... READ

PIP breast implant scandal ruling in French court

19 July 2021 In May this year, the Court of Appeal in Paris ruled that TUV Rheinland negligently awarded safety certificates for PIP (Poly Implant Prothése) implants and is therefore liable to pay compensation to the 2,700... READ

The draft Building Safety Bill and its implications for Northern Ireland

14 July 2021 Whilst developers of residential buildings in 2021 are basking in the sunshine of increased residential sales arising out of the stamp duty holiday, many are also nursing a hangover from lockdown construction delays, costs... READ

A Matrimonial Agreement

08 July 2021 When parties separate one option open to them is to enter into negotiations with their former spouse to deal with such matters as occupation of the matrimonial home, ownership and division of the matrimonial... READ

Ejectment Proceedings in Northern Ireland

30 June 2021 Ejectment is the legal process for recovering possession of land or title. In Northern Ireland, ejectment proceedings are commonly used to secure the eviction of private tenants who have not vacated the property following... READ

Occupational Asthma – more than a mere irritant

16 June 2021 One overlooked Industrial Disease is Occupational Asthma, generally noted as a disease which develops after exposure to and as a direct result of, amongst other things, gases, fumes and dust and other substances within... READ

Do I need an Enduring Power of Attorney?

11 June 2021 Yes, you do, if you want to choose the person who will deal with your property and affairs on your behalf, if you become no longer mentally capable of dealing with them yourself. You... READ
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