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The Importance of Terms and Conditions in Protecting your Business

How often are you presented with pages and pages of Terms and Conditions for you to scroll to the bottom and hit “Accept” to skip to the next stage? There is no doubt that we all have done it at some stage, accepting what is presented to you without properly digesting the contents simply because the T&C’s are just far too arduous to go into the detail.

As a business owner, you want to ensure that your customers, suppliers or business partners know and understand the terms under which you are operating to protect your position in the event a dispute arises. Here are a few reasons as to why having a good set of Terms and Conditions for your business is vital:

  1. Comprehensive Terms and Conditions provides your business with an assurance in the event a dispute arises.
  2. Terms and Conditions can be drafted to attempt to reduce or cap your business’ liability in particular scenarios, especially those beyond your control.
  3. Sometimes, there can be delays in payment to your business following the supply of goods/services. Terms and Conditions can clearly outline timescales within which payment is to be made and your rights to pursue that payment if same remains outstanding.
  4. If things go wrong during a contract or circumstances change, Terms and Conditions can offer break clauses which can attempt to finish the contract before the intended end date without recourse to your business.

Terms and Conditions are never 100% watertight but having a strong set makes for better and healthier business. At Worthingtons, we can review your current Terms and Conditions and provide advices on how to strengthen them to protect your business whilst also making them accessible to the readers. Please do not hesitate to contact Petra Wells on 02890434015 to review your Terms and Conditions and protect your business today.

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