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Cycling accidents: What to do and how to claim…

The popularity of cycling has increased significantly over the past number of years with many recalling the Giro D’Italia gracing the road of Northern Ireland in 2014 and the Gran Fondo recently completing its 3 year run in June 2017.

Whether you are cycling for sport, leisure or as part of your commute, all forms of cycling pose dangers to the rider despite increasing campaigns for road safety and improvements in safety equipment.

Often, injuries sustained by cyclists are due to the negligent actions of other road users. All road users are under a duty to others. You may be able to pursue the offending road user for compensation for your injuries, damage to your bike, wage loss and out of pocket expenses.

 In the unfortunate circumstance that you are in such an accident and if possible, follow this checklist:

  1. Record the details of any other vehicles involved (in particular the registration number and identity of the driver);
  2. Take a photograph of any damage to your equipment and retain same; and
  3. Report the accident to the PSNI.

We can help trace drivers and insurers and your case may be as straightforward as writing to the relevant insurer once identified and receiving an admission of liability. However, in the event that proceedings are required, we are available to assist and advise you through the process.

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