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Asbestos Claims

A dangerous legacy

19 April 2023 Even though the use of asbestos was banned in 2000, its use in the construction industry in the preceding decades has left a dangerous legacy. Throughout the UK there are many buildings in all sectors... READ

Mesothelioma – The Grim Statistics

15 December 2022 It can be difficult to maintain interest in a topic such as Industrial Disease which, by its inherent nature, can touch on matters of life and death.  For the time being at least, the... READ

Asbestos claims

06 July 2022 Worthingtons Solicitors have a dedicated team of Solicitors with extensive experience in successfully resolving asbestos related disease claims and securing compensation for victims and their families. Historically, asbestos based products were commonly used in... READ

Claims over asbestos-related illness

26 June 2020 It is encouraging to see the Charity sector make great efforts to assist the NHS in these unusual times.  The global Covid-19 pandemic has placed enormous pressure on NHS resources, and the Charity sector... READ

Asbestos still killing almost 1 person a week in Northern Ireland.

04 September 2019 The website of the Health & Safety Executive in Northern Ireland (HSENI) is probably not one of the most read, despite the useful information provided in relation to various hazards within the workplace and... READ

Mesothelioma – a toxic legacy

26 March 2019 The British Lung Foundation (BLF) and many other charities throughout the UK devote considerable time raising awareness of the terminal asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma. This is an extremely aggressive cancer primarily caused by exposure... READ

Asbestos Exposure in Northern Ireland

Have you been exposed to Asbestos? This is a phrase that can often cause alarm when asked by a medical professional. A chest x-ray or CT scan of the chest might be undertaken for... READ

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