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Clare Curran

Top Tips for a Healthy Separation

08 January 2019

When a relationship breaks down, the parties involved can often feel overwhelmed by the multitude of issues that need to be addressed and it is often difficult to know what to do. Legal experts in family and matrimonial law are trained to deal with the many and varied problems which arise when this happens. Read More

Clare Curran

Does bad behaviour in a marriage result in a larger award to the spouse?

16 October 2018

One aspect of divorce that surprises many clients when they come to discuss a marriage breakdown is how bad behaviour on the part of their spouse, perhaps in the form of an adulterous relationship or some other form of unreasonable behaviour, is looked at specifically in terms of division of the matrimonial assets. In many scenarios, the courts take the view that such behaviour will have little to no bearing on the financial settlement, which can be difficult for a spouse, who feels wronged as a result of their partner’s conduct, to hear. Read More

Clare Curran

BBC Drama “Come Home” Custody Dispute Outcome – Real Life Fact or TV Fiction?

12 April 2018

With the recently concluded BBC1 prime time drama series ending with what some viewers considered to be a shock outcome that mother Marie was awarded primary care of her children by the Family Judge dealing with their case, despite the fact that she had walked out on her family over a year earlier, Clare Curran, Partner in Charge of Family Law here at Worthingtons Solicitors takes a look at what parts of the drama are true to life and what parts are pure tv fiction! Read More

Clare Curran

Christmas for Separated Families

13 December 2016

Clare Curran, Partner in Charge of the Family Law Department here at Worthingtons Solicitors gives her top tips for making arrangements for the children run as smoothly as possible over the holiday period. Read More

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