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Brian Moss

Back to School!

29 August 2018

With the new school year fast approaching, Brian Moss considers the legal rights of children with special educational needs Read More

Brian Moss

Why you will need legal advice on employing migrants post-Brexit

21 August 2017

On 26 June 2017, Theresa May outlined her proposal on the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK, after Brexit. The position paper relating to this proposal opens with several high level policy statements, including that: “The UK is one of the most tolerant and welcoming places in the world and will remain that way. EU citizens who came to the UK before the EU Referendum, and before the formal Article 50 process for exiting the EU was triggered, came on the basis that they would be able to settle permanently, if they were able to build a life here. We recognise the need to honour that expectation.” Read More

Brian Moss

A Guide to Special Education Needs and the Law in Northern Ireland

25 January 2017

The following guide sets out key information about Special Education Needs in Northern Ireland together with guidance on the legal rights and expectations of parents who feel their children’s needs are not being met at School. It’s designed to help parents find out more about definitions of special education needs, your legal rights and entitlements and legal case examples from Northern Ireland – written by Education solicitor Brian Moss. Read More

Brian Moss

Challenging a school suspension

28 November 2016

A child being suspended from school can be a distressing experience for all involved, in particular the child who is facing suspension. A school suspension is a severe sanction and as such can have serious consequences for a child both emotionally and academically. Read More

Brian Moss

Be Aware Of Your Legal Rights If Your Child Needs Special Help In School

26 September 2016

All parents want what is best for their children and an obvious (and very important) part of that is, of course, providing for their education. If a child has a learning difficulty then he/she may require special assistance in school to help them to reach and maximise their potential. But how can parents access this assistance without becoming overwhelmed by the various hurdles along the way? Read More

Brian Moss

Back to School

16 August 2016

Brian Moss, Solicitor, considers the challenges facing parents with the fast approaching new school year Read More

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