Licensing in Northern Ireland is a complex procedure that can have significant financial implications for clients.  Fortunately, our clients can rely on our solicitors who have a detailed knowledge of the procedural and practical matters that involve licensing matters.

We specialise in all matters involving the control of the sale and consumption of Intoxicating Liquor.

We advise on the following matters:

  • Legal requirements for “the Licensed Premises” and the administration surrounding registration at an early stage.
  • Grant or Provisional Grant of a New Licence together with subsequent modifications of plans after provisional grant stage.
  • Appeals.
  • Renewal applications
  • Transfers of Licences
  • Protection Orders
  • Death of a Licence Order and what happens next
  • Bankruptcy/Liquidation of a Licence holder
  • Occasional Licences
  • Permitted Hours
  • Extension Licences
  • Additional Permitted Hours and exceptions thereto
  • Defending offences involving permitted hours


We advise sports and golf clubs on matters relating to Club Registration including the following:

  • Procedure for registering a club
  • Renewal applications
  • Children’s certificates
  • Continuance of club in temporary premises
Contact: Catherine Cooney, Rachel Toner

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