Dentist fails to identify and treat decay - £10k damages awarded

02 February 2016

A court in England has approved a settlement of £10,000 in a case brought on behalf of a 16 year old girl whose dentist failed to diagnose decay in her teeth over a period of years, which failure ultimately resulted in the teen having to have two back teeth removed.

Dentist fails to identify and treat decay - £10k damages awarded

Matilda Bruchard is now 16 but the treatment in question dated back to 2012 when she was nine years old.  A back molar was filled at that time but she continued to attend regular check ups and reported ongoing pain and sensitivity and no further treatment was suggested.  At the age of 14 Matilda returned to the dentist, Dr Pridding, and requested an x-ray which uncovered extensive decay in two teeth.  It emerged that the teeth were so badly decayed that they could not be saved and they were later extracted, leaving Matilda self-conscious about the gaps left behind. 

Matilda’s parents instructed a solicitor and an award of £10,000 was put forward for approval before the court, as is required in all cases involving a minor.  This figure was approved at Manchester County Court in January 2016.

If you feel that dental treatment provided to you has not been of an acceptable standard, and you have experienced adverse symptoms as a result, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. While this is not always the case, we will be happy to discuss the circumstances of each particular case with you.

Claire McDaid is a Solicitor with the Litigation department of Worthingtons Solicitors and specialises in medical negligence cases. If you have any queries in relation to this article, please email Claire at or submit your query in the form below and a member of our litigation department will be happy to respond.





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