£120,000 payment for child with narcolepsy caused by swine flu vaccine

03 February 2016

£120,000 payment for child with narcolepsy caused by swine flu vaccine A child who developed narcolepsy after having the swine flu vaccine H1N1 in 2009 has received an award of £120,000 under a government scheme which makes a one off payment in circumstances where a severe disability has been caused as a result of a vaccination.

£120,000 payment for child with narcolepsy caused by swine flu vaccine

Josh Hadfield from Somerset is now aged ten and developed the rare sleeping disorder after he had the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix in 2009.  His mother applied to the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme after he was diagnosed but their application was initially refused as the scheme did not class Josh’s narcolepsy as a severe enough disability. 

An appeal was lodged and the tribunal accepted that Josh was sufficiently disabled to merit the award of £120,000. The scheme requires that an applicant must be 60% disabled, and it was found that Josh was 72% disabled by reason of the narcolepsy.

Josh continues to suffer from narcolepsy and would fall asleep once or twice during the school day but his mum stated that the payment would assist Josh in the future.

Pandemrix is no longer used as a vaccine having been linked to the development of childhood narcolepsy in a number of European countries.  

If you or your child have been severely disabled as a result of a vaccination given against certain diseases, you could get a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000. This is called a Vaccine Damage Payment and is administered by the government.  More information is available at http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/index/people-with-disabilities/financial-support-for-people-with-disabilites/other-benefits-people-with-disabilites/vaccine-damage-payment-people-with-disabilites.htm

If you have any queries in relation to the scheme, please contact Claire McDaid on 028 9043 4015.  In the event that you are not eligible for payment under the scheme, it may still be possible to pursue a claim for clinical negligence and we have a dedicated team of solicitors who can take you through this process. 


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