Presentation on use of Forensic Accounting in Matrimonial cases

12 February 2015

Worthingtons Family Law Department invites Goldblatt McGuigan Chartered Accounts to give presentation on considerations when instructing a forensic accountant

The Family Law Department recently invited Karen Hamill of Goldblatt McGuigan Chartered Accountants, to give a presentation on the do’s and don’ts of instructing a forensic accountant to provide analysis and reports on relevant assets in matrimonial cases. This was arranged as part of the Department’s ongoing commitment to continued professional development in this complex area.

Karen identified key examples where the use of forensic accountants is likely to be required, such as in cases involving companies made up of complex group structures; companies incorporating legal entities such as trusts/ pension schemes and limited liability partnerships; cases involving high levels of intercompany transactions; off shore arrangements; and those with a mix of trades or mix of asset classes. Karen was very informative as to what material they as accountants need to make a proper analysis in individual cases and the essential discovery issues to be addressed by lawyers to assist in the process. The Family Law Department are indebted to Karen for her useful and engaging seminar and look forward to working with Goldblatt McGuigan Forensic Accountants in future cases of this nature.


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