Tube inserted into wrong patient at Antrim Area Hospital

25 September 2014

Medical error at Antrim Area Hospital classed as 'serious adverse incident' by the Northern Health and Social Care Trust

In a recent news report concerning the Northern Ireland healthcare system, it has been confirmed that the Northern Health and Social Care Trust has issued a memo to staff members following a “serious adverse incident” at the Antrim Area Hospital, which involved a tube being inserted through the stomach, nose and throat of the wrong patient.

The error was discovered by staff after the tube was inserted. While exact details have not been released, it has been confirmed that radiological staff have been reminded to check the identity of all patients before any form of interventional treatment is administered.

In particular x-ray porters have been reminded that they must ensure that a patient must be positively identified and signed out by a nurse before they can remove them from the ward. Radiographers have also been advised that they must positively identify patients if a procedure is carried out after 5pm.

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