Worthingtons Solicitors in Landmark Equal Pay win

27 March 2014

Worthingtons Solicitors successfully represented 15 Senior Public Prosecutors in a landmark equal pay and indirect discrimination case against the PPS for Northern Ireland .

Worthingtons Solicitors have won a landmark Equal Pay case on behalf of 15 Senior Public Prosecutors.

The claims were brought in respect of equal pay and indirect discrimination on grounds of sex, age and religion.

The Fair Employment Tribunal held that the employer in this case - the Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland - deliberately mislead the Claimants on the reason for the difference in salary, and awarded back pay from February 2006 together with interest and injury to feelings in excess of £15.5k.

If figures on the pay arrears cannot be agreed between the parties – a hearing will be arranged for the Tribunal to decide. The Claimants are delighted with the outcome 4 years after having initially raised the matter with their employer.

The Tribunal also ordered a further hearing to be arranged to deal with an application for costs against the employer in respect of this case.


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