Employment law review update

25 January 2013

Worthingtons Solicitors provide an update on the Assembly's review of Employment law in Northern Ireland.

Following on from the Department’s recent review of Employment Law in Northern Ireland on 18th January 2013 the Assembly published a research paper entitled Employment Law: A Comparison of Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Republic of Ireland.

Whilst the paper ultimately concludes that there are limitations to the extent of changes that can be made to employment law as a result of EU legislation it noted that how member states transposed EU law into domestic legislation accounts for various differences across jurisdictions.

The paper provides little indication as to whether the Assembly intends to follow Great Britain’s lead in increasing the qualifying period for unfair dismissal, however it is clear from the introduction of the enhanced arbitration scheme at the Labour Relations Agency in September 2012 that there will be a continued focus on pre-claim conciliation and resolution going forward.

We await the departments next installment of its public consultation in this area with interest.  



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