Seven figure settlement sum awarded by Birmingham Hospital

07 February 2013

The Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham has paid a seven figure settlement sum to a patient left paralysed following routine surgery.

Seven figure settlement sum awarded by Birmingham Hospital

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham has paid a seven figure sum to a 35 year old mother who was left paralysed following routine surgery to remove a cyst in 2006.

While the cyst was removed without complication, Hazel Spence was left paralysed from the waist down when a junior doctor attempted to flush a drain that was removing fluid from her spine. Rather than flushing the fluid out of the body, the fluid entered Ms Spence’s spinal cord and damaged her nerves. Shortly after the surgery, Ms Spence was advised that she would never walk again.

The 35 year old mother of 2 had to give up her job as a beauty therapist and also lost out on quality time with her two young sons. It is hoped that the recent settlement will enable the family to re-locate to a home more suited to Ms Spence’s needs.

Following settlement, the Trust commented, “We always strive to deliver the best quality care and in Ms Spence's case that was not achieved. For that we apologise. We wish Ms Spence and her family well for the future and hope that the settlement reached will provide her with the care and assistance she needs. The trust ensures that any mistakes reported to us are thoroughly investigated to determine the underlying cause so that we can reduce the risk of them happening again."

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