Plans for £100m golf resort to go ahead

28 February 2013

The National Trust legal challenge to the £100m golf resort near the Giant's Causeway has failed and the development is set to go ahead.

Plans to build a £100m golf resort and hotel near the Giant’s Causeway in Antrim are now set to go ahead following the failure of a legal challenge brought by The National Trust.

The Trust opposes the development because of its proximity to the Unesco world heritage site and sought to have the planning permission judicially reviewed arguing that the Minister, Alex Atwood should have consulted Unesco before granting planning permission as the decision could affect the Causeway’s status as a world heritage site.

The Department of the Environment submitted that world heritage convention guidelines have no standing in UK law and Mr Justice Weatherup, who heard the application, rejected all grounds of challenge to Mr Attwood's decision.

Mr Attwood welcomed the judgement and said "the economic benefits of tourism in the north potentially knows no bounds".

Developers have said that work will now start as soon as possible on the resort which is reported to include an 18-hole golf course, a five-star 120-bedroom hotel and 70 golf lodges and could create up to 360 new jobs.

Among those who said the hotel should be built was golfer Darren Clarke.

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