Out of court settlement of £35,000 agreed in Medical Negligence claim

11 February 2013

Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust agreed to pay £35,000 to settle a claim that one it's surgeon's had been negligent during gastric bypass surgery.

Following a gastric bypass operation at Hull and East Riding Hospital in 2007, Rachel Benefer spent two weeks fighting for her life in intensive care.

The surgeon who performed the gastric bypass failed to properly close a small incision and as a result Miss Benefer required two emergency operations.

It was five weeks before Miss Benefer was released from hospital, during which time she had spent a total of 11 days on a ventilator and had to undergo a tracheotomy.  Her legal representative described his client as having been left with ‘…unsightly and distressing’ scars and stated that she had suffered flashbacks and mild depression.  

Miss Benefer took a claim against the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and has now agreed an out of court settlement figure of £35,000.

If you believe that a hospital or other care provider in Northern Ireland may have been negligent during surgery, Worthingtons Solicitors have an experienced team of litigators who specialise in Medical negligence and injuries sustained during surgery, and who will gladly provide advice on all aspects of medical negligence claims in Northern Ireland. Contact Claire McDaid at our Belfast office on (90434015), or Nikki McConnell in our Newtownards office (91811538) for advice and guidance on this process.


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