Worthingtons introduce online Wills Questionnaire

24 October 2012

Worthingtons are delighted to announce the introduction of our online questionnaire which will allow clients to complete and submit instructions online.

Worthingtons are delighted to announce the introduction of a new online Wills Questionnaire which is now a feature of the ‘Estates’  section of our website.

Worthingtons Solicitors provide legal services to clients throughout Northern Ireland and in our experience people of all ages are increasingly aware of the importance of ensuring their affairs are in order. Having identified an increasing demand for online services we designed a Wills questionnaire in a downloadable format to provide all visitors to our website with immediate access to the first stage of the process i.e. providing instructions on who they want to benefit from their Will and how they wish their estate to be administered. On receiving instructions, our Estates team will be happy to provide a quote for the costs of drafting and preparing the Will, as well as providing advice on any additional services which may be required such as Estate planning solutions, or preparation of an Enduring Power of Attorney. Our aim is to make this process as convenient and straightforward as possible, whilst ensuring all clients receive high quality advice and a competitive service. Our Wills questionnaire has been designed to allow clients to download and complete it either as a Word document, or in .pdf format.

The completed questionnaire may then be returned to us by way of email attachment to info@worthingtonslaw.co.uk or printed out and posted to any of our offices in Belfast, Bangor or Newtownards. We are delighted to be associated this year again with the ‘Will Aid’  charity. During the month of November our Solicitors forgo their professional fees for drafting wills and ask only for a donation to the Will Aid charity.

Senior Partner Huw Worthington is head of our Wills and Administration of Estates team. Huw gladly donates his time and expertise to this worthy cause and has been involved with Will Aid for a number of years. Huw Worthington is a member of the Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners, the leading worldwide professional body for practitioners in the field of estates, trusts and related matters. Our Wills and Estates department provide specialist advice on all matters relating to Wills and Estate planning solutions, as well as the administration of estates, contested Wills, Intestacy and Inheritance tax advice.


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