A Wolverhampton Hospital agrees to pay £6 million compensation

17 October 2012

A Hospital in Wolverhampton have agreed to pay £6 million in compensation to the family of an 11 year old boy left severely brain damaged following complications at his birth.

The family of an 11 year old boy who was left severely brain damaged by complications at his birth at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, have accepted £6m in compensation for his injuries.

Joseph O'Reggio was starved of oxygen at birth and as a result he suffered permanent brain injuries.  Joe was left with cerebral palsy and cannot feed himself, or speak, and suffers from severe learning difficulties.  In June 2011, Joe’s family won the right to claim a seven figure compensation package at the High Court in London.  His lawyers claimed his injuries were caused by medical negligence on the part of hospital staff who they said should have realised Joe was in distress at an earlier stage.

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust denied the delays caused his injuries but have agreed to compensate Joseph on the basis of 80% of a full valuation of his claim.

Cerebral palsy is a condition affecting muscle control and movement and can be caused by an injury to the brain before, during or after birth.  Sometimes these brain injuries can arise by reason of an hypoxic event such as oxygen deprivation during delivery, and if this has been caused by inadequate management or indeed delay on the part of the hospital, then you may be able to pursue a compensation claim.

If you believe that a hospital or other care provider such as a GP or midwife in Northern Ireland may have been negligent in providing advice or medical treatment to you or your child, which has resulted in a cerebral palsy or other birth injury, and which could have been avoided, Worthingtons Solicitors have an experienced team of litigators who specialise in Medical negligence and in particular birth injuries, and who will gladly provide advice on all aspects of cerebral palsy claims in Northern Ireland.

Contact Nikki McConnell at our Newtownards office on (91811538), or Claire McDaid at our Belfast office on (90434015) for advice and guidance on medical negligence claims in Northern Ireland.


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