Employment Tribunal orders Employers to pay £27,000 compensation

26 November 2012

In a recent Industrial Tribunal case it was found that an employee was subjected to 'a very serious level of harassment' and awarded £27,000 compensation

A woman who said she was subjected to "disgracefully lewd comments" by the owners of J&M Services in Dungannon has been awarded £27,000 in compensation.

The Claimant stated that during her employment the owners of the Company began making remarks about her figure and these became increasingly explicit in the run up to Christmas. At one point she was told she was expected to wear a mini-skirt and low fronted top and be prepared to give Directors from another franchise a ‘good time’.

The Tribunal found the Claimant was later unfairly dismissed by the Company when she informed them she would be late back from taking her son to see the Doctor. Following her dismissal the Claimant experienced difficulties finding alternative employment due to, what the Tribunal described as, "a very negative and bad reference".

The tribunal found that the woman had suffered a "very serious level of harassment" aggravated by the fact that it had come from the owners of the Company, Mr Johnston and MrMcFall. Neither Respondent appeared at hearing to give oral evidence preferring to rely on a written response in which they disputed and denied the allegations.  J&M Services was formerly a franchise in the DPD delivery network but that arrangement ended in April. 

DPD now has no connection with the Mr Johnston and MrMcFall.

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