Carpal Tunnel Release Claim Resolves

20 February 2019

Claire McDaid recently resolved a clinical negligence action on behalf of JS who sustained permanent nerve damage following a carpal tunnel release.

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JS suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and was consented for a carpal tunnel release, the purpose of which was to increase her range of movement.  She underwent the procedure at her local hospital however almost immediately following the procedure, it became apparent that damage had been done to her hand during surgery which was impacting on her ability to carry out her daily tasks in work and around the house.  It also led to her being unable to engage in sporting activities.

We were instructed by JS in 2014 and instructed a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialised in carpal tunnel release procedures to review the record and assess JS.  He concluded that permanent nerve damage had been caused to JS’ hand during the procedure, which damage could have been avoided.  He was also critical of the consenting process insofar as JS was not adequately advised of the risk of permanent nerve damage during the procedure.

High Court proceedings were issued in 2016 and the case was listed for hearing in June 2018.  Following exchange of the medical reports between the parties and a joint meeting between the experts, the Defendant invited us to engage in discussions in May 2018 and a figure in respect of damages was agreed shortly before trial.  As well as damages for the permanent damage caused to the Plaintiff’s hand, the final damages sum also included provision for the loss of amenity suffered by JS in not being able to play sports at the same level as she could prior to the surgery.

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