Serious injuries following varicose vein surgery

02 May 2017

Claire McDaid recently negotiated a settlement for Mr O who sustained serious injuries following varicose vein surgery.

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Mr O was admitted to a hospital in Northern Ireland to have varicose vein surgery carried out on his left leg due to persistent pain and associated symptoms. He was discharged the same day however following discharge, Mr O complained of a high level of pain and attended at his local A&E Department three days later complaining of pain and bruising on his thigh. Mr O was examined and advised that there was nothing to worry about. A few days later, Mr O developed pain in his shoulder and began to cough up blood. On return to his local hospital he was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. Mr O remained in hospital for a number of weeks and was treated with anticoagulation medication.

Mr O had been working up to the date of surgery but found that he was unable to return to work following discharge due to symptoms attributable to the pulmonary embolism including fatigue and lethargy. Mr O was wholly reliant on his wife and children in the months following surgery and found to difficult to attend to even menial tasks around the home.

We were instructed in late 2013 and secured expert evidence from a Consultant Vascular Surgeon who concluded that there was a failure on the part of the medical staff in the A&E Department to diagnose and treat a DVT when Mr O first presented to hospital three days after surgery. That failure led to the DVT continuing to develop and ultimately resulted in the pulmonary embolism suffered by Mr O. High Court proceedings were issued accordingly.

We also secured Quantum reports from the Consultant Vascular Surgeon and a Consultant Psychiatrist so that the impact of the injury on Mr O could be fully evaluated.

The case was listed for hearing in October 2016 however following a joint consultation between the legal representatives, damages were agreed to reflect the level of pain and injury suffered by Mr O.

Worthingtons Solicitors have a team of Solicitors with extensive experience in handling medical negligence cases involving all aspects of medical care. If you believe that a hospital or doctor may have been negligent in providing advice or medical treatment to you which has resulted in injury, we will gladly provide advice on all aspects of medical negligence claims in Northern Ireland.

Contact Claire McDaid at our Belfast office on (90434015) or Nikki McConnell at our Newtownards office on (91811538) for advice and guidance on this process.

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