Serious injuries following laser eye surgery in 2011

02 May 2017

Claire McDaid recently negotiated a settlement for Mr P who sustained serious injuries following laser eye surgery in 2011.

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Mr P initially attended with the Defendant to enquire about laser eye surgery in mid 2011.  He was advised that he was a suitable candidate for intra-ocular lenses and was assured that the risk was very low and that he would not have to wear glasses thereafter.  Mr P was admitted to a private hospital in the Republic of Ireland in August 2011 to undergo the surgery and while his left eye was operated on without complication, there were immediate issues with his right eye, which ultimately resulted in five further procedures to the right eye over the course of almost four years. 

As a result of the errors during surgery, Mr P suffered four additional surgeries, as well as almost four years pain, suffering and discomfort.  Mr P had to travel regularly to London and Dublin to attend with a specialist who was responsible for his aftercare.  During this time, he remained able to work but had to give up golf and had problems when driving.  While Mr P has thankfully regained a satisfactory level of vision, he is still plagued by problems with glare and has to wear glasses day to day.

We were instructed in 2012 and secured expert evidence from a Consultant Ophthalmologist who concluded that the care afforded to Mr P fell below an appropriate standard.  In particular he noted that the lens implant used during the initial surgery was unsuitable and that the lens implant was not positioned properly during the first and subsequent surgeries, thereby necessitating further procedures.  The expert was also critical of the surgeon’s attempts to resolve the problems herself rather than calling for assistance from a more suitably qualified consultant.   On one occasion a twenty minute procedure took over four hours due to unsuccessful attempts by the surgeon to remedy a problem that had arisen. 

High Court proceedings were issued in 2014 and we secured further reports from the Consultant Ophthalmologist so that the impact of the injury on Mr P could be fully evaluated. 

The case was contested and was ultimately listed for hearing in February 2017 however following a joint consultation between the legal representatives, damages were agreed to reflect the level of pain and injury suffered by Mr P.  The award of damages included a sum of money to reimburse Mr P for the costs he had incurred which included the cost of the surgery and his repeated trips to London and Dublin for remedial treatment and care.

Worthingtons Solicitors have a team of Solicitors with extensive experience in handling medical negligence cases involving all aspects of medical care.  If you believe that a hospital or doctor may have been negligent in providing advice or medical treatment to you which has resulted in injury, we will gladly provide advice on all aspects of medical negligence claims in Northern Ireland.

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