Lump sum secured for former fiancee/ cohabitee

09 January 2017

Clare Curran, Partner in charge of the Family Law Department here at Worthingtons Solictiors, acted on behalf of a woman who lived with and was engaged to be married for a number of years to an extremely wealthy businessman, but whose relationship broke down prior to any wedding date being set.

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We were able to negotiate a generous award in favour of our client, despite the difficulties presented by the facts of the case, as there was a dispute between the parties as to whether they were in fact ever engaged, and there were further factual disputes as to who had contributed what to the relationship and what the parties’ intentions were as to their future.

We argued that on foot of our client’s contributions to her estranged partner’s business endeavours and to their joint intention that she would benefit from her assistance to her fiancé, an agreement was reached as to a lump sum to be paid to her, essentially to buy out her interest in the partner’s many and varied assets both here and abroad, to the satisfaction of both parties, thus avoiding a potentially difficult, expensive and acrimonious application being made to the court to resolve their respective financial interests.

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