Financial Contributions Secured for Child Attending University

30 November 2016

Clare Curran, partner in charge of the family law department here at Worthingtons Solicitors, recently acted on behalf of a 1st year university student who, after her parents’ marriage breakdown received no ongoing financial support from her father, despite the fact that he continued to work in a well paying job and that he had contributed to her ongoing educational expenses whilst the parties were married.

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Despite a number of attempts to reach an agreement with the father without issuing court proceedings, he would not engage in any meaningful discussions to provide ongoing maintenance for her.  An application was issued to the local Domestic Proceedings Court on foot of which we were able to secure details of the father’s income and outgoings to calculate a reasonable maintenance proposal on behalf of our client.  As a result the father then agreed that he would provide ongoing reasonable monthly payments  to his daughter until she finished her university degree.

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Relevant issues:   child maintenance, over 18 child, dependent, university, third level education, maintenance liability


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