Early Settlement Negotiated Following Serious Surgical Injuries

21 April 2015

Claire McDaid recently negotiated an early settlement for AB who sustained serious injuries following gynaecological surgery.

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AB was admitted to a hospital in Northern Ireland to have her ovaries removed. However, during surgery, major damage was caused to the right external iliac artery and vein, and a Consultant Vascular Surgeon had to undertake emergency repair.This involved a vein graft which was harvested from the groin area.As well as additional scarring, AB suffered nerve pain sustained at the site of the injury and the site of the graft.

We secured expert evidence from a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who concluded that the degree of the vascular injury sustained was incompatible with the level of care that would ordinarily be expected, and High Court proceedings were issued accordingly.

We secured Quantum reports from a General Surgeon, a Plastic Surgeon and Consultant in Pain Management so that the impact of the injury on AB might be fully evaluated.

A joint meeting of the legal representatives took place and after extensive discussions, damages were agreed to reflect the level of pain and injury suffered by AB.

Worthingtons Solicitors have a team of Solicitors with extensive experience in handling medical negligence cases involving all aspects of medical care.If you believe that a hospital or doctor may have been negligent in providing advice or medical treatment to you which has resulted in injury, we will gladly provide advice on all aspects of medical negligence claims in Northern Ireland.

Contact Claire McDaid at our Belfast office on (90434015) or Nikki McConnell at our Newtownards office on (91811538) for advice and guidance on this process.

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