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Brian Moss

Status change for migrant workers after Brexit day

12 March 2019

Back in June 2017, UK Prime Minister Theresa May outlined the UK government’s proposal on the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK, after Brexit. She said: “The UK is one of the most tolerant and welcoming places in the world and will remain that way. EU citizens who came to the UK before the EU Referendum, and before the formal Article 50 process for exiting the EU was triggered, came on the basis that they would be able to settle permanently, if they were able to build a life here. We recognise the need to honour that expectation.” Read More

Chris Wallace

How insurance can insulate you from legal costs

04 February 2019

Starting and indeed running a business can be both rewarding and challenging in these uncertain times. There are many legal and other pitfalls that can beset a growing business, including non-payment of a debt by a customer, contractual disputes with customers, suppliers or agents, employment disputes and regulatory investigations. Dealing with such issues can divert time and resources from your business and worse, could expose the business to legal costs, which in the event legal action is unsuccessful and factoring in the risk of the opponent’s costs or adverse costs, can be considerable. Read More

Jonathan Duncan

Hearing Loss – an occupational health hazard

03 October 2018

Whilst hearing loss is often seen as an inevitable consequence of ageing, and usually merits no more than a cursory “I’m going deaf”, it should always be remembered that hearing problems can be embarrassing and cause considerable difficulties in performing day to day tasks for those affected. Read More

Emily Paisley

Personal debt levels in Northern Ireland highest in the UK!

21 August 2018

The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) recent survey (Financial Lives 2017) found that personal debt levels in Northern Ireland are the highest in the UK, with adults owing £670 more than the national average. The survey also revealed that Northern Ireland also had a lower proportion of savers, with 67% of people reporting they had either no savings or less than £5,000. Read More

Jonathan Duncan

The Stubborn Persistence of Asbestos Disease

19 April 2018

With today’s Health & Safety Standards, it is difficult to envisage a period when manual workers were exposed to asbestos on a daily basis without any precautions whatsoever. However, this was the reality faced by many workers and it should always be remembered that the dreadful conditions were entirely contrary to laws already in place at the time. Most definitely not “Health & Safety gone mad”. Read More

Nikki McConnell

There is danger in the dark!

06 November 2017

I hope you all remembered about the hour change on Sunday morning and appreciated that additional hour in bed. The end of British Summer Time (BST) results in the start of dark evenings and many people will be embarking on their journey home from school or work in the dark. Read More

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