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Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

Mental Health awareness in the workplace

05 September 2018

Even with an emphasis on raising awareness and a move towards a more open dialogue about mental health in society, mental health can still, unfortunately, be seen as a “taboo” subject, which people may not feel comfortable talking about; especially with their employer, who they feel may treat them differently due to this revelation. Read More

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

Too obese to work?

26 April 2018

A recent survey conducted by the Department of Health has revealed that 27% of adults in Northern Ireland are classed as obese. Obesity levels have been on the up over the last decade with health campaigners describing the latest survey results as a “health time-bomb”. The consequences of this for employers may be serious, with reports suggesting that obesity fuels long-term sickness and absence in the workplace, but what does the law say about obesity-related absences? Read More

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

Holiday Pay Disarray

07 February 2018

In the recent case of King v The Sash Window Workshop, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has held that anyone deemed to have “worker” status must be able to carry over paid annual leave, even if they have not had the opportunity to take it. Read More

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

Employee’s Christian beliefs on same-sex adoption leads to dismissal

06 December 2017

Whilst NI eagerly awaits the arrival of the UK’s highest court to consider the Asher’s ‘gay cake’ case, in the recent English case of Page v NHS Trust Development Authority [2017], an employment tribunal rejected a claim of religious discrimination by a non-executive director who was opposed to same-sex adoption. Read More

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

From Hollywood to the Houses of Parliament; the Worst Kept Secret

14 November 2017

Sexual Harassment allegations surrounding film industry megastars such as Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck and Harvey Weinstein, show that years of ignorance, secrecy, and cover-ups have been accepted as part of normal life in Hollywood. This trend has recently been reflected within the UK Parliament and may be reflected in workplaces everywhere if appropriate preventative measures are not taken. Read More

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

In the wake of Ophelia

17 October 2017

In the wake of Ophelia, many employers are asking the question – do I have to pay workers who did not attend for work? Read More

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

Are our work colleagues the new Big Brother?

10 October 2017

Almost everybody in modern society has a mobile telephone; that sophisticated piece of technology that ensures we are always contactable. However, with the prevalence of smartphones, covert recordings are becoming common in the workplace as it becomes increasingly difficult to detect. Read More

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