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John Kelly

Why you can’t always have your cake and eat it

17 October 2018

The Supreme Court has given its long awaited decision in the so-called “gay cake” case, ruling unanimously that Ashers Bakery did not discriminate against gay rights activist Gareth Lee, who had been successful in the County Court and then at the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal. Read More

Clare Curran

Does bad behaviour in a marriage result in a larger award to the spouse?

16 October 2018

One aspect of divorce that surprises many clients when they come to discuss a marriage breakdown is how bad behaviour on the part of their spouse, perhaps in the form of an adulterous relationship or some other form of unreasonable behaviour, is looked at specifically in terms of division of the matrimonial assets. In many scenarios, the courts take the view that such behaviour will have little to no bearing on the financial settlement, which can be difficult for a spouse, who feels wronged as a result of their partner’s conduct, to hear. Read More

Jonathan Duncan

Hearing Loss – an occupational health hazard

03 October 2018

Whilst hearing loss is often seen as an inevitable consequence of ageing, and usually merits no more than a cursory “I’m going deaf”, it should always be remembered that hearing problems can be embarrassing and cause considerable difficulties in performing day to day tasks for those affected. Read More

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