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Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

Too obese to work?

26 April 2018

A recent survey conducted by the Department of Health has revealed that 27% of adults in Northern Ireland are classed as obese. Obesity levels have been on the up over the last decade with health campaigners describing the latest survey results as a “health time-bomb”. The consequences of this for employers may be serious, with reports suggesting that obesity fuels long-term sickness and absence in the workplace, but what does the law say about obesity-related absences? Read More

Jonathan Duncan

The Stubborn Persistence of Asbestos Disease

19 April 2018

With today’s Health & Safety Standards, it is difficult to envisage a period when manual workers were exposed to asbestos on a daily basis without any precautions whatsoever. However, this was the reality faced by many workers and it should always be remembered that the dreadful conditions were entirely contrary to laws already in place at the time. Most definitely not “Health & Safety gone mad”. Read More

Louise McAloon

Absence management and the cost of failing to make reasonable adjustments

19 April 2018

In a reserved judgment issued in January this year, an Employment Tribunal in Liverpool awarded £110,165.14 compensation against the Department for Work and Pensions when former employee Mrs Carrabyne (Carrabyne v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Case 2401990/2016) was found to have been unfairly dismissed and subject to unlawful disability discrimination following her dismissal under the absence management policy. Read More

Clare Curran

BBC Drama “Come Home” Custody Dispute Outcome – Real Life Fact or TV Fiction?

12 April 2018

With the recently concluded BBC1 prime time drama series ending with what some viewers considered to be a shock outcome that mother Marie was awarded primary care of her children by the Family Judge dealing with their case, despite the fact that she had walked out on her family over a year earlier, Clare Curran, Partner in Charge of Family Law here at Worthingtons Solicitors takes a look at what parts of the drama are true to life and what parts are pure tv fiction! Read More

Niall McMullan

GDPR – The value of personal data

05 April 2018

The past week has seen the issue of personal data thrown into the spotlight again, as a result of accusations that social media giant, Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy firm, to harvest the data of 50 million users for political means. Such controversy only serves to highlight further the importance of personal data usage by controllers in the current climate where the GDPR legislation is imminent. Read More

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