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Chris Wallace

Cycling accidents: What to do and how to claim…

25 October 2017

The popularity of cycling has increased significantly over the past number of years with many recalling the Giro D’Italia gracing the road of Northern Ireland in 2014 and the Gran Fondo recently completing its 3 year run in June 2017. Read More

Janeen McKay

Buying at Auction - Forewarned is forearmed

24 October 2017

Buying a property at auction can be exciting and potentially profitable and appeals to a wide spectrum of purchasers hoping to bag a bargain and cut out the traditional and sometimes lengthy conveyancing process. It is conceived as a faster way to dispose of property and is a relatively simple process. However, it is not risk-free, as once your bid is accepted and the hammer falls, you are contractually bound to complete the purchase no matter what. Read More

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

In the wake of Ophelia

17 October 2017

In the wake of Ophelia, many employers are asking the question – do I have to pay workers who did not attend for work? Read More

Katie Buchanan

Foster Carer seeks employment status

12 October 2017

A foster carer in England, Ms Anderson, has recently lodged a claim to an Employment Tribunal, in which she argues that she is a worker, and as such, should be entitled to certain employment rights, which include holiday pay and protection from discrimination. Read More

Katie Buchanan

Suspension may not always be found to be a neutral act

10 October 2017

In the case of Agoreyo v London Borough of Lambeth [2017] EWHC 2019 (QB) the High Court held that the suspension of a teacher was a fundamental breach of the implied term of trust and confidence, which entitled Ms Agoreyo to resign and consider herself constructively dismissed. Read More

Toni Fitzgerald-Gunn

Are our work colleagues the new Big Brother?

10 October 2017

Almost everybody in modern society has a mobile telephone; that sophisticated piece of technology that ensures we are always contactable. However, with the prevalence of smartphones, covert recordings are becoming common in the workplace as it becomes increasingly difficult to detect. Read More

Janeen McKay

SDLT – Don't get stamped on!

03 October 2017

You must pay Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), a self-assessment tax, when you purchase a property or land over a certain price in Northern Ireland. The current thresholds are £125,000 for residential properties and £150,000 for non-residential land and properties. With effect from 1 April 2016 the government introduced a controversial higher rate of SDLT on purchases of additional residential property. This means that the surcharge applies to second homes and rental properties. The surcharge was introduced to support home ownership and first time buyers but hits investors and second homeowners hard. Read More

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