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Brian Moss

A Guide to Special Education Needs and the Law in Northern Ireland

25 January 2017

The following guide sets out key information about Special Education Needs in Northern Ireland together with guidance on the legal rights and expectations of parents who feel their children’s needs are not being met at School. It’s designed to help parents find out more about definitions of special education needs, your legal rights and entitlements and legal case examples from Northern Ireland – written by Education solicitor Brian Moss. Read More

There's more to Partnerships than Meets the Eye

There's more to Partnerships than Meets the Eye

24 January 2017

I have been acting as a sole trader for many years and am thinking about taking on a partner in the business. There seem to be different types of partnership. What are the different types of partnerships and the main differences between them? Read More

Louise McAloon

Sprint Towards Workers' Rights in Gig Economy

17 January 2017

In a further blow to the UK’s flourishing gig economy, an employment tribunal in London this month issued a landmark decision that cycle courier Margaret Dewhurst was in fact a worker of CitySprint and not a self-employed independent contractor and consequently entitled to holiday pay. Read More

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