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Rachel Toner

Protection for commercial tenants when their Landlord becomes insolvent

25 April 2017

As a way for Landlord’s to protect themselves, usually commercial leases contain termination clauses which are triggered when the tenant fails to uphold their obligations i.e. payment of rent. However, the recession has caused a shift in patterns and recently we are seeing landlords becoming insolvent and therefore failing to uphold their obligations. In this scenario, where do tenants stand and what protection can be afforded to them? Read More

Huw Worthington

“Buyer beware” – even lawyers get things wrong

19 April 2017

When a prospective purchaser or tenant agrees to buy or lease a property part of the legal process involves the raising of either enquiries before contract or enquiries before lease. In most cases, a Vendor will state that a “buyer should obtain own survey” when responding to any queries about the state or condition of the property in sale. As solicitors, we always advise our purchaser clients to obtain surveys as the old legal saying of caveat emptor or let the buyer beware prevails. Read More

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