Care Home neglect or abuse claims in Northern Ireland

22 September 2016

Nikki McConnell, Partner, considers issues around the decision to move an elderly loved one into a care home

Care Home neglect or abuse claims in Northern Ireland

The decision to move an elderly loved one into a care home is not always the easiest to make and despite the very best efforts of the family to secure a place in a care home which they feel best meets the needs of their relative, sadly it is not always a given that they will be cared for in the way they deserve.

Whilst many care homes do, indeed, take great care in helping their residents live in safety and peace, recent media reports have highlighted many failings within some care and residential homes. Unfortunately there are times when care given to the elderly and the vulnerable can fall below the reasonable standard of care to be expected.

The injuries which may be suffered in care homes can range from pressure/bed sores, slips and falls, and incorrect medication being administered to serious sexual and/or physical abuse. Whilst residents may substantially recover from such episodes, it is entirely possible that the lasting effects caused by an injury may be life changing or even fatal. It is therefore important that if a loved one has been subject to an injury or illness in a care home attributable to negligence and/or lack of care, compensation should be sought for both the physical and emotional effects suffered. It can be daunting knowing who to turn to or where to look for advice but here at Worthingtons Solicitors we are fortunate to have a Senior Partner  who can provide advice and guidance with every step of your claim. We understand that such matters can be upsetting and stressful but you can trust that your case will be treated with the sympathy and sensitivity it deserves.

If you would like advice on a possible claim involving medical negligence, care home neglect or abuse please contact our litigation partner, Nikki McConnell or complete the form below:



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