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Katie Buchanan

Family-friendly workplace can work to the benefit of everyone

27 September 2016

With 3rd-7th October 2016 being National Work Life Balance Week, employers may wish to give consideration to how “family friendly” their workplaces are. Flexible working requests are often made by employees and it is important that employers are aware of how to deal appropriately with such requests. In addition to the obvious benefits of flexible working for employees, such systems can have numerous benefits for employers including increased morale, productivity and ultimately a more loyal and happy workforce. Read More

Brian Moss

Be Aware Of Your Legal Rights If Your Child Needs Special Help In School

26 September 2016

All parents want what is best for their children and an obvious (and very important) part of that is, of course, providing for their education. If a child has a learning difficulty then he/she may require special assistance in school to help them to reach and maximise their potential. But how can parents access this assistance without becoming overwhelmed by the various hurdles along the way? Read More

Challenging public body tender awards... what businesses need to know

Challenging public body tender awards... what businesses need to know

20 September 2016

Local businesses come across the tendering process for the winning of contracts at some stage and those involved in public procurement need to be well versed in the regulations. The rules for awarding public contracts are set down in the The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 and these rules govern the process by which public bodies can award contracts to suppliers. Read More

Nikki McConnell

How insurance can protect your firm against legal costs

13 September 2016

Starting and indeed running a business can be both rewarding and challenging in these uncertain times. There are many legal and other pitfalls that can beset a growing business, including non-payment of a debt by a customer, contractual disputes with customers, suppliers or agents, employment disputes, and regulatory investigations. Dealing with such issues can divert time and resources from your business and worse, could expose the business to legal costs, which in the event legal action is unsuccessful and factoring in the risk of the opponent’s costs or adverse costs, can be considerable. Read More

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