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Rachel Toner

Skeletons in the Closet?

24 October 2016

On the approach to Halloween, numerous haunted house tours or ghost walks have been advertised to entice thrill seekers for some spooky sport. This article considers when selling a property, does the Vendor have to disclose details of the history of their house, be that paranormal, horror stories or otherwise Read More

Rachel Toner

Lost the Plot?

18 October 2016

Rachel Toner, Solicitor, considers the question -what are your legal rights to a burial plot? Read More

Celia Worthington

Never take chances when serving legal notices

04 October 2016

It is a basic rule in law that requirements for the service of notices whether pursuant to a contract or statute must be strictly complied with. This is a harsh rule which has been continually tested by the courts culminating in the 1997 House of Lords case in which a principle was developed (known as the Mannai principle after the name of one of the parties to the action) which mitigated against the harshness of the rule by allowing a defect in a notice not to invalidate the notice in circumstances where the defect is minor and the reasonable recipient with knowledge of the factual and contextual background would not be perplexed by the error. Read More

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