Successful Resolution of Child Custody Arrangements

25 November 2016

Clare Curran, partner in charge of the family law department, recently acted for the mother of 2 young children aged 5 and 3 at the time of separation in successfully resolving her child custody arrangements.

Successful Resolution of Child Custody Arrangements

The parents’ separation was extremely acrimonious and in particular it was apparent that it was exceptionally difficult for them to agree on many issues relating to the care of their 2 young children.  An application was issued to the Family Proceedings Court as a result of the disagreement as to where the children should live.  We engaged in extensive negotiations on all sorts of issues which had troubled the family, after their separation. 

A final Residence Order was eventually agreed in favour of our client, the mother, and a Defined Contact Order was made for the father.  The case was complicated by the fact that both parties worked irregular shifts which needed to be accounted for in making suitable contact arrangements for the children.  The final Contact Order had to be worked out on an 8 weekly cycle and addressed not only the frequency and duration of contact with their father during term time, but also all holiday contact, all indirect contact during the week by way of telephone calls, what was to happen on Birthdays and at Christmas, how the contact handovers were to be managed and how the parties were to communicate with each other in respect of emergencies. 

Such orders do not always have to be so prescriptive, but given the level of disagreement in this case, particular time was spent on trying to address all eventualities to avoid the necessity of either party having to come back to court in the future and to attempt to ensure the children were not exposed to any unnecessary disagreements or disharmony as a result of an unforeseen circumstance.  Happily the case has not troubled the court again since the making of the final Orders. 

Should you require any advice in respect of child custody issues, please do not hesitate to contact our family law specialists on or telephone 028 91811538 to discuss.

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