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Naomi Devlin (1)

Moving Abroad with a Child

30 November 2016

Naomi Devlin, Solicitor with Worthingtons' Matrimonial Department, looks at the issues surrounding International relocation in Children's Law cases Read More

Clare Curran

Inherited Assets on Divorce

30 November 2016

Clare Curran, Partner with the Matrimonial Department here at Worthingtons, looks at the issues surrounding how inherited assets are dealt with on divorce. Read More

Michael Duffy

Replies to enquiries are a key element when you are selling property

29 November 2016

You are selling a property and you want the transaction to proceed as quickly as possible. Title has been satisfactorily deduced to the buyer’s solicitor, property searches and certificates have been returned with no issues and the buyer’s finance is in place. The only outstanding point to be dealt with before the parties can enter into contract is for you, as the seller, to provide replies to enquiries. Read More

Brian Moss

Challenging a school suspension

28 November 2016

A child being suspended from school can be a distressing experience for all involved, in particular the child who is facing suspension. A school suspension is a severe sanction and as such can have serious consequences for a child both emotionally and academically. Read More

A Basic Guide To Medical Negligence Claims in Northern Ireland

A Basic Guide To Medical Negligence Claims in Northern Ireland

25 November 2016

Living in Northern Ireland, we’re lucky to have so many qualified and caring professionals working in both the NHS and in private units across the country. However, incidences of medical negligence do exist and it’s important that patients are fully aware of their rights and the standard of care that should be expected in a medical setting. Read More

Clare Curran

Why your business interests will be key if you divorce

15 November 2016

Any business, in which either party to a marriage breakdown has an interest, will form part of the assets to be considered and will be relevant to the financial negotiations or court proceedings which may issue on divorce. Because of this, it would be expected that any business, whether a trading firm, company or partnership, would be valued as part of the exchange of financial information between the parties known as the process of ‘financial disclosure’. Read More

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